9 August 2021

Restore faith in Redux thanks to React hooks

Redux is a formidable library that applies the Flux architecture principles to manage a centralized data store for your app. Since Dan Abramov presented it at ReactEurope 2015 , it quickly becomes…

31 May 2021

Document your UI components with Storybook

This article has originally been published into Troopers Web Republic 's blog Storybook offers the front-end developers an isolated development environment, but it also provides everyone an interface…

28 May 2021

How to animate a React component with Framer Motion?

For a few years, micro-animations became more and more popular in web apps, and they are not only reserved for native mobile apps. Using them is a way to drive the user during his navigation or to…

11 January 2021

The design system : foundations of an efficient product and a consistent UX

An efficient product offers its users a consistent experience into the various entry points they have with the brand (mobile and web apps, emails, landing pages, social networks...) Therefore, a…

23 March 2020

Sorting arrays for humans with natural sort order

As a computer engineering student, I had to learn several sort algorithms: quicksort, heap sort, bubble sort... To be honest, I only used them once, during a job interview when I was searching for my…

17 January 2020

10 tips to become a better developer

You might be either a young developer or an expert in your field, the nice (but sometimes frustrating) thing about development is that you'll always find a way to become better and learn new stuff. In…

3 January 2020

Gatsby vs Next.js

Last year, I was given the opportunity to work with Gatsby and Next.js . Both of those frameworks are based on ReactJS, and they offer a normalized architecture to quickly create websites and give…

11 July 2019

Prepare a nice onboarding for your new team member

You’ve hired the perfect person to join your team. He passed all the tests, he has a good spirit that fits your team’s, and you’ve waited long enough to let him quit his previous job and maybe even…

10 October 2018

Introduction to CSS Grid Layout

Learn how to use Grid Layout, the latest big feature of CSS

4 October 2016

Modern Frontend Architecture

Exploration of the best practices in front-end architecture with Lee Byron's talk at Fullstack Fest 2016

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