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Senior JavaScript developer from Nantes, France

Hi I'm Johan! [jo.an]

🍕 I like pizza and I develop strong websites and applications for good.

How can I help you?

Your project is unique. It deserves an attentive listening before rushing into it.

Website development

Investing into clean code is the best way to reduce time-to-market and maintenance costs. I use JavaScript, React and React Native with the mindset that my work must be reusable and create smooth experience for both users and developers.

Agile project management

From needs analysis to strategic advices, passing by writing functional or technical specifications. Agile methodologies and tools borrowed to Design Thinking are perfect to put your target in the center of the design process.

SEO optimization

Make your activity visible on the internet by building a website around SEO best practices. Because I search to be up to date with the latest innovations in this field, I am able to setup a SEO strategy to optimize your natural indexing.

JavaScript and ReactJS training

I believe that knowledge is a treasure that has to be distributed with the many. That's why I like to share my expertise, from the beginners who whant to learn coding basics, to the advanced levels thant need to setup architectural strategies in complex applications.

Latest projets I worked on

Maritime Training School

Maritime Training School

Mini web-app



Web application



Progressive Web App

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I highly recommend Johan. The commercial proposal was clear and the project was defined with accuracy. Communication was regular and Johan was attentive to the necessary changes throughout the project. Implementation was quick and efficient. An excellent performance in every aspect.

Jérôme Fouchard

Jérôme Fouchard

Educational Manage, EFM

Recent blog posts

31 March 2023

Keep Storybook up to date over time with story-based testing

The new Play feature is the key to bring interactivity into your Storybook. Learn how to integrate it into your documentation and your testing scenarii

14 March 2023

Keep Storybook up to date over time with story-based testing

Like any business app, Storybook must be tested to avoid regressions. The CSF 2.0 format allows interfacing with Jest and Testing Library so that Stories become the entry point for the testing strategy, and component updates can be made with peace of mind.

7 March 2023

Display a component in a story and make its arguments editable on the fly

In this second article of the Storybook series, it's time to get your hands in the code to find out how to actually create a story using the CSF-2 standard and customize its parameters so that it can be used by all stakeholders of your organization.

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☕️ Let's have coffee

If you're in Nantes, I would be happy to share a cup of coffee and talk about your project.
I can also work from anywhere and I would be pleased to develop your project even if we're not living in the same location.

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