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🍕 I like pizza and I develop strong websites and applications for good.

How can I help you?

Your projet is unique, so it deserves an attentive listening before rushing into it.

Website development

Investing in quality code is the best way to reduce time-to-market and maintenance costs. I work with JavaScript, React and React Native with the mindset that my outputs must be reusable and create smooth user and developer experiences.

Agile project management

From needs analysis to strategic advices, passing by writing functional or technical specifications. Agile methodologies and tools borrowed to Design Thinking are perfect to put your target in the center of the design process.

SEO optimization

Make your activity visible on the internet by building a website around SEO best practices. Because I search to be up to date with the latest innovations in this field, I am able to setup a SEO strategy to optimize your natural indexing.

JavaScript and ReactJS training

I believe that knowledge is a treasure that has to be distributed with the many. That's why I like to share my expertise, from beginners to lean coding basics, to advanced level to setup architectural strategies in complex applications.

Latest projets I worked on


Web application


Johan worked on integrating new features for the frontend side of our plateform named Yunow. Those features are meant to make our plateform ready for creating audio-guides. They have been developed using PREACT/JS. Johan has been very efficient and was able to quickly onboard into the plateform and into the existing codebase. The result match our expectations, thank you Johan 👍!

Vincent Autin

CEO, Yunow (biinlab)

Recent blog posts

11 January 2021

The design system : foundations of an efficient product and a consistent UX

An efficient product offers its users a consistent experience into the various entry points they have with the brand (mobile and web apps, emails, landing pages, social networks...) Therefore, a design system is a strong…

23 March 2020

Sorting arrays for humans with natural sort order

As a computer engineering student, I had to learn several sort algorithms : quicksort, heap sort, bubble sort... To be honest, I only used them once, during a job interview when I was searching for my 1st job. An I failed! I…

11 July 2019

Prepare a nice onboarding for your new team member

You’ve hired the perfect person to join your team. He passed all the tests, he has a good spirit that fits your team’s, and you’ve waited long enough to let him quit his previous job and maybe even take some days off… He’s…

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I can also work from anywhere and I would be pleased to develop your project even if we're not living in the same location.

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