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Morgane Gionnet is an independant psycologist from Vitré (Brittany, France). She came to me to give a digital life to her practive. It is not obvious to contact a psycologist, that's why it was important to create a smooth univers for her patients and a simple user flow to answer their questions quickly.

Morgane also needed to be able to edit every content of her website without risking to break it. Tht's why the website I built was based on Contentful CMS as it offers a large variety of validation rules so editors can be protected. Front-end development was made using NextJS because this framework offers server-side rendering and other features out of the box, such as link prefetching, in order to create a fast and fluent navigation.


  • Server side rendered website with NextJS
  • Integrate Contentful CMS
  • Search engine optimization
  • Hosted on Netlify

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